Exhibition of ancient books of our association at Le Rosay

On September 28th, the Institute Le Rosey (Rolle, VD) held for the second time its annual Bookfête, celebrating books, reading and writing.

On this occasion, Melissa was invited with a guest exhibition of rare books printed in Switzerland in the 16th century. Among them, the first edition of Plato’s complete works (Geneva, 1580), Appian of Alexandria’s Roman History (Geneva, 1592), and two pocket editions – the Iliad and Eschyle’s tragedies.

Curious students and staff had the opportunity to learn interesting details about printing techniques and about the persons involved in the precious books’ production and travel through time in a presentation given by Melissa’s president, Mr. Georgios Sgourdos.

The book exhibition was open to the public during concert evenings until 15th October.

Photos of the exhibition from our Facebook page

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