Our library currently counts around 5,000 volumes in Greek and other languages (mainly French and English), including some editions from the 16th century, mainly published in Switzerland (Basel, Geneva, Lausanne), as well as historical documents. We participate in several temporary exhibitions organized by museums and other cultural institutions in Switzerland with books and other items from our collection (i.e. Museum of Art and Culture of Geneva in 2021, Historical Museum of Lausanne in 2023).

Currently, we are searching for an appropriate place for our library to function as a lending library. The next step will be the creation of a digital catalog of our titles, so that they are accessible to the public.

Video presenting our ancient books collection

A selection of ancient books from our collection

Lending library project


We warmly thank our dear friends and members who offered books from their library and who helped us to enrich our collection. In particular, we thank:

Mrs Anagnostou Elli (books)
Mrs Papageorgiou Amelia (books from her father’s library)
Mrs Parginou Μarili (storage of the library, 2021-22)
Mr Handrinos Haralampos (books and other works of Odysseas Elytis)

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