Our philosophy

The school of Melissa: Teaching philosophy, objectives and means


The Greek language, with its millennial history, is a holder of global moral values, principles and virtues. It carries us from the heroic world of Homer and the concept of justice to the ancient tragedy and from there to the hymnography of Byzantium and the poetic sensitivity of Elytis. It is in this language that the pinnacle of the works of the ancient Greek spirit were written, it is with this language that our aesthetics were shaped and it is in this language that our national, historical and religious conscience has been cultivated over time.


Our objective is, on the hand to promote the learning of the Greek language, and on the other to transmit the love for our country through a contact with the Greek culture, history, traditions, popular art, ethos the customs.

At the preschool age, our primary objective is to promote a sense of love and security among children on the premises of our school, thus building a relation of trust, which is essential for their emotional and mental development. We are creating the appropriate pedagogical conditions which will allow pupils to express their feelings and wills, to grasp knowledge, skills and values for the broadening of their intellectual horizons.

At the school age, our pedagogical view rests on the creation of a learning community with the close cooperation of teachers and parents, with a common goal to achieve maximum learning and development results. Our objective is to develop a love for the cultural tradition of Hellenism and the learning of the Greek language.

The library

A source of support of inestimable value will be the library of Melissa of Hellenism, which comprises more than 5,000 books, starting from the level of children´s literature all the way to rare works of historical and museum value, such as the 16th century ancient Greek books printed in Switzerland. Our library, hosted just close to our school ( at the Minerva school) will become an invaluable companion for children at their venturing in the world of Greek literature, tradition and history. We aspire to render our borrowing library an invitation into the heart of Greek culture, which will inspire the love for reading, and the same time the love for Greece and its diachrony and will accompany children in their intellectual quests.

The school environment

Besides the emphasis our teachers place on socialization and the cultivation of friendly relations among students, a subject of importance is the building and technical support, so that children can feel comfortable, and develop a love for their surroundings and the Greek course itself. We choose to collaborate with the Primary School of Mon-Repos, which features comfortable and elegant classrooms with modern technical equipment, space for children activity, which is located at the center of our city and close to our library.

The Association of Melissa

Melissa for Hellenism was founded on December 2016 and ever since it hosts numerous events, lectures, movie screenings, participates with its invaluable books at exhibitions etc. Remaining always open to collaboration with local Greek and philhellenic associations, its constantly growing community of members and friends in the area of Lausanne, Geneva and elsewhere, paves the ground for socialization activities, as well as the promotion of friendly relations with parents and children of our school.

Our warmest thanks in advance for your confidence in us,


The school´s teaching group

The board members of Melissa for Hellenism

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