Greek Language School

We are delighted to announce that our association creates a new school of greek language and culture in Lausanne, for the school year 2021-2022.

Our school appeals to children of both pre-school age (minimum of 2 years old) and school age, as well as adults.

It answers to the growing demand of parents and members of our association for quality teaching of greek language and culture.

The courses for pupils of pre-school and school age will take place at the classrooms of école Vinet, a private school with historical importance regarding humanities, located ideally at the center of Lausanne, specifically at the address rue de l’École Supérieure 2.

Regarding adult students, the courses will take place at the building of école Minerva (just across the street from école Vinet). Notably, the school Minerva hosts our library with its 5,000 books on the culture and history of Greece and its numerous books for children; it will place at our disposal a lecture room, while operating as a lending library.

Our teachers excel at transpiring a love for the greek language to pupils and helping them gradually discover the rich and alive tradition with which our language is associated. All this in a warm environment, thanks to the love and personal attention of our teachers in close collaboration with the parents.

We remain at your disposal for all further clarifications and information required.

The subscriptions have started! You are welcome to subscribe here.

École Vinet
École Vinet, classroom